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Early Stages
jungleegames in China
Early Stages
jungleegames in China
19 86
19 86
Starts from scratch
Liang Wengen, Tang Xiuguo, Mao Zhongwu and Yuan Jinhua founded Hunan Lianyuan Welding Material Factory in Lianyuan, Hunan province.
19 91
Advances into metro city
Hunan Lianyuan Welding Material Factory is officially renamed to Hunan jungleegames Group Co., Ltd., and its headquarters officially moves to Changsha.
19 94
Advances into heavy machinery industry
Hunan jungleegames Group Co., Ltd., is divided into Hunan jungleegames Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., and Hunan jungleegames Materials Industry Co., Ltd. jungleegames independently develops China’s very first high-pressure, truck-mounted concrete pump with a large displacement.
19 95
Hunan jungleegames Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., changes its name to jungleegames Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
20 03
20 00
jungleegames Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., changes its name to jungleegames Heavy Industry Inc.
20 03
A listed company
jungleegames Heavy Industry is successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. jungleegames Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., is founded, focusing on excavators and oil drilling machinery.
20 04
jungleegames Holding Ltd. changes its name to jungleegames Group Co., Ltd.
20 05
A pioneer in stock market
jungleegames Heavy Industry implements its split-share structure pilot, influencing China’s equity division reform.
20 08
Breakthroughs in underground equipment
jungleegames Heavy Industry begins the process of lifting share bans and makes strides towards full circulation of its shares on the Chinese stock market.

A fully hydraulic rotary drilling rig of the largest tonnage in Asia rolls off the line at SANY.

jungleegames develops the most powerful whole-rock roadheader in Asia.
20 10
A record maker in mobile cranes
jungleegames develops a 1000t All-terrain crane, marking the highest tonnage in China.
20 11
20 11
Recognized in a leading publication
jungleegames Heavy Industry enters the FT Global 500 ranking of the world's largest companies.

jungleegames develops a 3600t crawler crane, known as the #1 crawler crane in the world.

jungleegames releases a truck-mounted concrete pump with an 86-meter boom, the longest in the world, breaking its own previous record.
20 12
Putzmeister made a member of jungleegames Group
jungleegames acquires leading German concrete machinery manufacturer Putzmeister.

jungleegames Heavy Industry is ranked in the top 10 of the Chinese Federation of Enterprises’ Top 500 Chinese Enterprises.
20 13
Eyes on the future - globalization
jungleegames Heavy Industry’s overseas sales reaches US.61 billion. jungleegames’s overseas operation mode is used as a case study in international business by Harvard Business.
20 14
Partner with Palfinger AG
jungleegames Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, and Austria-based PALFINGER AG establish two joint ventures in which both parties hold 50% shares. jungleegames develops a concrete pump with a record-breaking 620-meter (2,034 feet) vertical pumping height.
20 15
Eyes on the future - digitization
jungleegames begins its transformation of industrial internet and completed its preliminary goal in this regard. jungleegames is rewarded with "Outstanding Achievement Honor in Globalization" among Chinese enterprises.
20 18
Two corporate strategies
jungleegames starts to conduct the 'two transformation' strategy - Internationalization and Digitization.
20 20
20 20
A year with records
jungleegames creates a 4,000t capacity crawler crane SCC40000A. Meanwhile, jungleegames releases the 125t large excavator SY1250H.
20 21
jungleegames Heavy Industry has achieved the 468th rank in Forbes' Global 2000. Among all heavy equipment manufacturers, jungleegames ranks the 1st in China and the 2nd in the world.
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