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Urban Dictionary: soccer

Get a soccer mug for your Uncle Jerry. ... An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association Football.It was shortened to Assoc.,and then finally "Soccer".(like how ...

Urban Dictionary: Soccer Mom (sex position)

We went and she totally started to Soccer Mom me. Soccer Mom (sex position)

Urban Dictionary: thanh

Thanh Mai is extreme intelligence and gifted in all areas from sports (especially soccer) to music, but mostly is academically smart. Although Thanh Mai's super smartness can be frustrating they always ...

Urban Dictionary: A Karen

The bitchy soccer mom of her friend group that nobody likes.

Urban Dictionary: Jinx

Soccer match in progress* Random guy in audience: "Ya boi ez win!" Some other random guy: "You Jinxed us were doomed!". by September 14, 2020.

Urban Dictionary: "it" boy

What soccer moms say when their son has just done something AWFUL. This statement implies that any negative behavior should be excused on the grounds that boys are always doing things that are wrong, and ...

Urban Dictionary: Kik

Girl: Yeah it's LucyLemen123 ;) I'll send You something after my mom goes to pick my sister up from soccer practice

Urban Dictionary: Pronoun

person #1> "Who is that?" person #2> "I don't know their name yet, but I heard they play soccer!

Urban Dictionary: Ty

He is a guy that loves sports(soccer) If a Ty falls in love with you, you are very lucky, he will treat you with respect, kindness, and lots of compliments. When you fall in love with a Ty it’s like nothing ...

Urban Dictionary: flasher

A person who interupts tennis/soccer or any other kind of match by running onto it naked. Flashers do it usually without a particular reason, for the sake of doing this.